About us

Established in 1991, Koatema Techonoloy was founded by Mr. Huang Zongren. Koatema Techonoloy mainly produces industrial manufacturing equipment and precision machineries. We adhere to the persistence of customization, from communication, research and development, design, assembly, uninterrupted after-sales service, product improvement and transformation, that is the reason why we have stood firm in the industry for more than 30 years.

We specialize in special production equipment such as copper foil slitting, optical film coating, winding and unwinding machines and ovens, etc. Our customers include 3M, Changchun Petrochemical, Formosa Plastics Nanya Petrochemical, SONY, Li Changrong Group, Rumi Technology, etc. Through the trusts, along with encouragements from these customers, position us to continue to grow.

At the early stage of its establishment, Koatema Techonoloy specialized in manufacturing coating, slitting and drying machines for the processing industry. However,  through continuous devotions in R&D and innovations,  Koatema was soon able to manufacture all types of flexible coil machinery, such as optical films, copper foils, etc. . We are experts in unwinding, rewinding, coating machines, laminators, and slitting machines; we are also artists in component application and mechanical design. All manufacturing processes adopt the most precise standards in the industry.

Our machines are demonstrates extreme precision/effeciceny/reliability, and can handle all products from the thinnest films to large-format foils. We are very particular about attention to details, and there are various machine components and accessories that are adjustable/customizable,to greatly improve your product quality and ultilize your productions in various ways.